Reb Kalman Krohn Ztzl

Reb Kalman was everything. 

Reb Kalman was a Baal Mussar to one, a Shas Yid to another, a person with knowledge of the afterlife to yet another and the mystery individual who sent money for food to many others. 

Reb Kalman was a fixture of the Lakewood Yeshiva Community. Reb Kalman was a Shas Yid with yideos stretching the breath of Kol Hatorah Koolah. Reb Kalman was a Tzaddik who devoted his life to Torah and Avoda. Much of the Chesed that Reb Kalman performed was conducted under the radar, as Reb Kalman raised and secretly distributed many millions of dollars for those in need without any fanfare. 

Reb Kalman’s late night Motzoei Shabbos Vaadim attracted well over 150 Benei Aliyah as he discussed life-altering topics of Mussar and Hashkafah intertwined with a rich collection fascinating stories of Gedolei Yisroel. 

Reb Kalman was a Rebbe to everyone. From Chosheva Yungerlite to children to “at-risk” teenagers and to the public at large. Whether it be, Shabbos morning after Vasikin, Shabbos afternoon, Motzei Shabbos, both nights of Shavous or throughout the day on Tisha B’Av, tens of thousands have been inspired by his words. 

In addition to the huge sums of money that Reb Kalman raised and distributed through his Kupas Tzedakah, Reb Kalman dedicated much time to advising fellow Yidden struggling with any issue or challenge. 

Reb Kalman saw holiness in every Yid. 

As his talmidim, we aim to carry on his legacy by distributing his fascinating vaadim, shmuezzin and stories.

Reb Kalman

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